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December 27, 2018
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Google has made an industry standard of marketing that is a main source of revenue while also is benefitting businesses. Paid Search Marketing has become the most beneficial form of marketing for all types of business for many reasons, the main one being- it works! Statistics show that it is the most beneficial for all types of businesses especially if they are small and locally based.

We have cultivated the top 10 reasons why any business or marketer needs to have paid search marketing as a part of their business strategy, enjoy!

1. Increased Traction

If you hire a seasoned advertiser, they should be able to get your campaign (when it is ready) on Google within 30 minutes to an hour. This means you can get your ad up and running immediately and get even your brand new website tons of traction. Therefore incorporating it into the search engine database.



2. Maintaining Top 5 Status

To even have a chance at being seen in the top 3 search engines, Bing, Yahoo and Google, your business needs to stay within the top 5 search results. In the world where people are constantly on their phones and doing multiple things at once, people do not usually look past the top 5 search results. When you have pay per click marketing, your business is guaranteed to be in the top 5 searches as a part of the sponsored advertisements.

3. Monitoring Ads

In order to acquire and maintain natural results (more trusted than sponsored ads) you can view and track targeted ads that are effective. When you have pay for click advertising you can change, edit and optimize your ad to see what keywords are creating the best search results.



4. Consistency

Any skilled marketer knows that having click consistency is key to growing a business through its online presence. When traffic is too slow or too heavy, it can make the website either disappear in search results or crash. With pay per click marketing you can control how much traffic you want or how much your website can handle all in relation to your budget.

5. Testing

If you want to know how successful a specific ad has been over a period of a month, you can set up a campaign through AdWords and analyze the data after a period of time. This may actually come as a recommendation to you from many SEO experts as a way to determine what will be a solid return on investment through running these tests. Having an inventory of successful keywords assures that your campaign will be as successful as possible without having to make major edits along the way.



6. It’s All Connected

All of your search results only work if they are kept relevant to one another. Otherwise your strategic marketing will not work as well as it should. Relevancy is maintained and detected by search engines algorithms, and to achieve the desired natural results- keeping relevancy is important throughout all keywords in your campaign and website.

7. Cross medium reach

When you advertise through Google, your ad will likely be shared throughout the market onto other pages that display Google ads. When you are reading other articles or are interacting on other webpages, look at the ads and see where they are coming from- likely Google. This is just another way in which paid ads reach their prospects all over the web rather that just in search engines, while keeping it all relevant based on searches.



8. Ad Scheduling and Location based targeting

These are great features that will come in handy when starting out a new business and are easily adaptable depending on your desired traffic. With Ad Scheduling, you can choose a specific time and day to run your ad, for example if you are a coffee spot you would want your ad to run more heavily in the morning or around lunch hour.

This can get more specific when you choose to only run your ads in specific locations as well, if your coffee shop is located in a corporate area with lots of office buildings, you would want to keep your ad to a few blocks radius in order to make sure that consumers are seeing a business that is relevant to their location.

9. Brand Development

The most important thing about online paid advertisements is the brand formulation that leaves a memorable footprint in the minds of consumers. When you have a strong brand image and a cohesive structure, your products and services will undoubtedly be more memorable and you will have a higher chance of future customers.



10. Tracking growth

While print ads definitely fulfill an aspect of marketing budgets, we would recommend to limit these as they are impossible to track their revenue. Which is the main focus of marketing in the first place is to see how much revenue is gained by a campaign and these will essentially pay for themselves. Online marketing can be way cheaper if it is done in an effective manor and you are able to gather the analytics for ROI and ROAS tracking. Plus you have the ability to easily copy, paste and share all of your hard work on multiple platforms.

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