Some local SEO strategies for small businesses

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May 14, 2019
Reasons why you need a website
Reasons Why You Need a Website
June 18, 2021

Small businesses do not have the huge budgets of chain stores, but there are still many SEO techniques and strategies that small businesses can use to ensure their impact on their website optimization.

Here are some key points that have a huge impact on your website:

  • Flexibility: Smaller businesses can be more agile, make faster decisions, and can make major changes and updates without the need for organizational permission.
  • Personality: Today, most consumers and customers are in favor of small and local businesses.
  • Focus: Most well-known brands face a wide range of issues that need to be addressed, which in itself brings a wave of different parameters for analysis and review. Smaller businesses, with a particular focus on SEO techniques, usually appear in the top rankings of search engines.
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How to laser focus in the field of local SEO‌?

 In this section, we cover some of the most effective ways to improve the ability of local businesses to optimize their SEO.

1. Poll as much as possible!

 The quality, quantity and speed of online comments now play a key role in determining your ranking in Google’s Local Pack and Google Maps search results more than ever. Even if you do not have the budget and system to control and manage feedback and organize these steps, do not worry. The point is to get more comments just by asking for them. In the various sections of receiving money, footnotes, promotional emails, social networks, news reports, invoices, and so on.

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2. Respond to feedback as much as you can.

 One of the things that increase the likelihood of a user posting a comment is that they will see your response to other comments. Naturally, when users feel important and seen, they are more encouraged to comment.

Make sure you respond to all comments as much as possible, but if you do not have time, ‌ Focus on comments that ask a question or contain too much detail.

3. Get complete, comprehensive information about your business.

 Although this is not as key to local businesses as it used to be, having a neat business list that includes all the tips still plays an important role in the development of the search algorithm.

4. Get reputable local links by participating in charities and centers in your area.

 Donating to local charities is probably the most expensive tactic on this list. But later it will be completely offset by the significant impact it has on your local SEO. The links you create in your environment have a significant impact on search engine algorithms. However, buying links is a well-known tactic that Google has explicitly forbidden. For example, if you want to improve your SEO on a local website in Vancouver try finding a local sports team and sponsor it.

5. Upload high-quality images for your Google Business Profile or Google Map.

 Try to choose a clear image that represents your brand in general, as well as the product or service you offer in that area, for your Google profile.

Upload high quality images for your google business

6. Ask and answer questions in the Google My Business Q & As section.

 Google’s Q&A tool is by no means new, but it is rarely used. While providing a good opportunity for businesses to attract an audience. The key is not to wait for users to ask you a question or even to encourage you to do so.

Ask and answer questions

7. Permanently put your name, address and contact number on your website.

 Aside from virtual elements such as GMBs and comments, it is necessary to put your name, address and contact number permanently on the key pages of the website. This shows the credibility of your website so that the user can easily be sure of the credibility of your business location.

8. Add the FAQ Schema to your website.

 One of the most effective elements for blocking organic SERPs is FAQs. Businesses with FAQ schema have a chance to attract more attention in organic search results.

Add the FAQ schema to your website

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