What are the types of digital advertising?

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August 25, 2021
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The world of online advertising is constantly changing: updated search algorithms, changing market trends, changing customer interests and introducing new and better technologies make digital advertising a volatile profession. To keep up with the advancement of digital advertising and adopt the best strategies, it is mandatory to constantly learn and perform tests tailored to the needs of the current market.

Display advertising

In digital advertising, a banner or photo is displayed to the user, and the user is redirected to a specific page of the advertiser’s site when clicked. Display advertising models have different methods, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages;

  1. Pay Per Click (PPC): The user pays a fee to the publisher for each click on the banner and redirection to the site. This model is very efficient for people who are looking to increase inbound traffic to their site.
  2. Cost Per Mile (CPM): The advertiser pays the publisher for every 1000 Ads displayed to users. The goal is usually to make the brand or website more visible and get more traffic.
  3. Cost per Action (CPA): The advertiser pays a fee to the publisher for a specific action by the user (for example, a registration or purchase form).
  4. Cost per View (CPV): A particular model of CPM that is dedicated to video advertising. The advertiser publishes his promotional video before broadcasting the leading video and pays the publisher for every 10,000 views. You must have noticed that the publisher in this advertising model must be a video publishing site such as YouTube.
  5. Cost Per Install (CPI): A particular CPA model in which the advertiser has an application, and his goal is to increase the active installation by users.

How does pay per click work

What is social media advertising?

People vastly use social networks such as Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Telegram to follow the news, communicate with their friends, and even shop online from multiple stores. Social networks can be a good environment and a valuable opportunity for branding and business expansion, which can be achieved by advertising on social networks. Since advertising on various social media has its trick, the secret collection offer avoids spending too much money.

As a result, according to the statistics, we conclude that the development of a strategy for social media marketing services and advertising on social networks is of great importance in the growth and expansion of the business. However, the world of digital advertising is vast and advanced, and the tastes of users and customers in social media are changing rapidly.

Social media advertising

SEO application marketing

The SEO application marketing technique seeks to bring together two concepts needed to reach more users for various applications. On the one hand, there is ASO, which is used to position an application in the top list of mobile markets such as the App Store and Google Play Store; on the other hand, there is SEO, which seeks to make the application appear on webpages.

Advertising reportage

Another model of digital advertising is in the form of ad reporting or PR. In reporting advertising model, you, as the advertiser, send the text along with several photos and links to a reputable and related site. In return for publishing the content, you pay a fee to the site. The method can be effective in several ways. First of all, links can be handy for your SEO. Also, the site’s large audience will see the content you want, and the probability of traffic to your website grows. Note that the publisher site must have a high ranking and traffic to be cost-effective advertising.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing refers to the methods and techniques used through email to attract traffic and visitors. This marketing method is known as the direct marketing method, during which we directly ask our audience to visit our business and see our product and services. The essential factor about email marketing is that there are no intermediaries, and we are in direct contact with our visitors or audience.

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